Through the power of Yogic tradition we explore different Tantric Techniques, aspects and gifted forces within each of us and embrace it as whole. From that point we start to recognise the completeness and oneness within, to embark in a profound connection with ourselves and one another, a profound journey of communion of true love with the complete creation we all are.

Wrong self-perceptions scares us from looking within. Instead, we block our selves and put the focus outwards, losing touch with our sacred powers, with our gifts, and with our path. It is time to witnessing, embrace & embody our shadows, only then will we be able to discover the light and endless love within it and integrate all our beautiful parts.

All practice during this retreat are designed to cultivate our inner connection. An invitation to dissolve the ego, and with that feelings of fear, shame, guilt, fragmentation and separation. This will allow you to transform in the most profound way and truly live from the core of your marvelous being.

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