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Since 2003, Dejan followed a deep calling to work with traditional and natural medicines, adding to his knowledge of medical massage and Ayurveda therapy. He is also a certified meditation teacher, and a hypno & regression therapist.

He tried Ayahuasca medicine for the first time in 2008, and in his visions he received the instruction to go to the Amazon jungle and study from the plant spirits. He lived for many years in the Peruvian Amazon where he studied from different teachers traditional healing methods and to work with Ayahuasca. Continuously growing on his path as Naturista he regularly dedicates some time for studies and shamanic dietas.

In 2011, during his first session of Kambo medicine in a community of the Matses tribe, he deeply connected with the frog spirit and got inspired to work with it. Since then he has witnessed many healing processes, including his own after having had malaria 5 times, which have been his main motivation to keep working with Kambo in a holistic way and adjusting it to western needs.


Rohil Jethmalany

Rohil began his journey into yoga by coming into contact with meditation 6 years ago. In a quest to find his true Self, he visited many masters and guides from different parts of India. Soon the realization dawned that the real Guru is within, and that other masters are simply mirrors of this truth.

Sharing his practice of Ashtanga, his unique teaching style goes beyond the physical practice. He teaches keeping integrity with the traditional method, while still tailor-fitting it to differences in bodies and lifestyles. His passion for yoga brought him to the foothills of the vast and ancient spiritual fountainhead from which much of modern yoga has emerged. Learning from various Sanskrit professors as well as pouring over books, his thirst for the philosophical depths of the tradition is unending.

Bringing forth this knowledge he presents these philosophies in ways that aspirants can apply it to their daily lives. At the core of his being he holds the intention to share both Asana and Yoga philosophy in a way that they can become a container for a meaningful and grounded spiritual transformation that pervades into all aspects of life.

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