breathe & Flow retreat

Pisac, Perú  26 - 31 Aug, 2018

Breathe & Flow Intensive Retreat is a portal which will offer you a profound opportunity to connect with your soul’s journey.

Each of us has a fountain of wisdom within that remembers us the way back to wholeness and our life’s divine purpose. We can connect to it right now, wherever you are, at any time, as it is right beneath our own nose! With this highly experiential process that is the Breathe & Flow Intensive Retreat you will be lead on to the path of direct experience with that wisdom and state of sacred union between all parts of our many selves. 

Through simple and guided practices, this Breathe & Flow Intensive Retreat gives you an opportunity to reconnect, heal, and re program your self. Reconnect with that light within, the wisdom that unfolds constantly, heal the parts of your personality that need to be integrated, love the little child that is still hiding and put a voice to what you are scared to express. Release blockages and allow that all parts of your being unite, making space to embrace the wisdom that is already there and all around. It's time to change the vibration of our DNA and put there new information, affirmations, codes that will serve as portals of a new and fresh period of our lives, more complete, more wise, more connected and more successful.

Just by using our breath in a powerful and transformative way we can connect with our own inner healer, our own guru, with the shaman within and continue our lives with a new vibration, empowered knowing who we really are & consciously play our roles in this society. Through Breathe & Flow Healing we can come out of our egoistic states of consciousness and let the inner wise voice reclaim its rightful space in our daily lives. It's time to stop hiding and take responsibility, to live a life filled with goodness!

Through Breathe & Flow Intensive Retreat you will experience different dynamics of healing, like Movement, Yogic Psychology, Arts, Conscious Breathing, Meditation, Ceremonies, Shamanic Explanation of the meaning of Life, etc; that will help you move forward and become the person you're born to be: complete, always enlightened, always present in daily life; at the same time grounded in the earth and uplifted into the cosmic realms of spirit. 

Breathe & Flow Intensive Retreat is a powerful tool that combines a psychological, physical, and spiritual approach to create an alchemical opening and shift in the body, psyche, and spirit that transform your approach to life forever. For sure is an opportunity not to be missed.


6 days intensive course - Certification from Breathe & Flow Intensive Retreat  accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine of the UK.


EARLY BIRD (until June 26th, 2018)


US$ 370

US$ 420




Paz y Luz means Peace and Light, the beautiful center where our retreats will be located, in the refined energy of the Sacred Valley surrounded by the powerful Andes mountains. The perfect space to heal, balance, restore and transform our body, mind and soul.

You can manage your accommodation directly with Paz y Luz here.




Pisac, 30 kms from Cusco, was part of the sacred valley of the Inca civilization, who's powerful energy can still be felt today nestled in between the Andes mountains. This colonial town has started being a magnet for spiritual seekers as is the perfect space for igniting your inner strength supported by ancient profound wisdom. 


Cusco’s Alejandro Velasco Astete’s airport is located about 15 minutes outside the centre of Cusco. There are currently no direct international flights to Cusco with the exception of some flights from La Paz in Bolivia with, so you will most likely have to make some sort of transit stop in Lima, Peru’s capital before flying on to any of Lima’s 29 international destinations.

Airlines that operate flights from Lima to Cusco include LATAMStar PeruPeruvian Airlines, and Avianca. International carriers like KLM, American Airlines, LAN and others have code share agreements so you can book and fly from your home city to Cusco on the same ticket. Flights from Lima to Cusco are an hour long.

By Road:

If you are not short of time and are feeling adventurous and keen to brave the winding roads and ravines of the Andes, hire a car when you arrive in Lima and spend a few days driving through the incredible countryside of Peru to get to Cusco. Possible routes include Lima – Ica – Arequipa – Cusco.  Not for the faint of heart! The main car hire companies in Peru are Avis and Budget Car Hire.

From Cusco you can take a 1 hour collectivo minivan (5 soles) that leaves from Puputi Street, near Rosas Pata Market and then from Pisac you can walk to the right from the bridge, along the river for 12 minutes, or take a taxi (5-6 soles) or a moto taxi (3-5 soles) directly to the hotel. A taxi from Cusco can be ordered along with your reservation. The drive is 50 minutes long and the cost is 70 soles. We can also arrange taxis from other locations, contact us for prices and details.

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