Goa, India 21 - 30 Ene, 2019

Everything in this world is constantly changing. Now is the time where we women embrace our essence. Its now the time where deep healing and awakening takes place that washes away all that prevents us of embodying the power of the divine feminine.

The feminine energy is an energy linked to the heart, that integrates all our parts.

Inevitably the healing of the earth depends of this process. It is about a profound change of consciousness in our human existence, in both men and women. As the main channel of feminine energy on earth, women play the main role. For a women to access her heart's energy, she must first heal the womb. From that space we rises to cure ancestral wounds.

This retreat is a loving invitation to us women's to tap into our sacredness, aliveness, and pure feminine energy to heal, awake, and empower each other. We will put together many jewels from ancient traditions that honour the sacred feminine and offer tools for emotional and spiritual growth. The more women begin embody and to understand the power rooted in the Sacred Feminine, more people will have the opportunity to awaken to that healing and self-knowledge in the collective.



  • Shadow Work
  • Breath-work
  • Divine Goddess Embodiment
  • Shakti Bhakti
  • Kundalini Yoga Flow
  • Divine Feminine Dance
  • Goddesses Meditations and Prayers
  • Ceremonies, Rituals & Mantras
  • Feminine Healing Arts
  • Ovarian breathing Feminine Healing Massage 
  • Jade egg practice & womb-heart connection
  • Sister & Womanhood and creative feminine expression
  • Sharing circles


10 days course 


EARLY BIRD (until December 1st, 2018)



US$ 520


US$ 780

Nestled in the shade of palms trees, just  2  minutes walk away from the beach, our yoga hall  in Arambol/Goa offers refreshing and really comfortable environment for our spiritual practices


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