MONA SOL (Germany)

It’s hard to describe in words what happened here. It has been an amazing wonderful spiritual magic time! You can see it in my eyes. I am always smiling and smiling! Here, you are in a group, you can trust everybody, it’s like a big family. The first week was wonderful but very hard for me, because I let everything from my past go. It’s an adventure where you can loose your fears and win so much trust, and now I feel like a baby, ready to start a new adventure, thank you so much!


ADRIAN LAICH (switzerland)

“This experience was one of my most beautiful and most valuable journey in self-development”

“In this journey i was really flowing, and that flow is one of the most empowering things i ever experienced” For this to happen, there needs to be a safe space, which our lovely yoga teacher created, holding the space for us, every single day with so much love.

I am so grateful i did this training with Jessica, which offered me so much wisdom, empowerment and a beautiful Yoga Journey.



Stacie Lee (Australia)

The retreat with Jessica in Bali was truly amazing. Four months later I continue to feel the changes and benefits from my time there. I feel a shift inside myself. I feel stronger. I feel more powerful. I feel more confident in who I am and what I want for myself. The changes are subtle but powerful.

Jessica has an amazing ability to lead a group through deep practices. She is deeply committed to her students. She both challenges them and creates space for them to do the inner work. At times you’ll be laughing joyfully. Other times you’ll be crying uncontrollably. Jessica fills the room with fun and playfulness. Her energy is contagious. I couldn’t recommend her retreats highly enough.


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