Akasha Activation RETREAT

Pisac, Perú     01 - 12 Sep, 2018
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This retreat is a profound fusion of ancient wisdoms, that interweaves sacred plant medicine, breath-work, movement, yoga & meditation as a way to offer you a complete experience of expansion and connection with the divine within, that will help you to plug into the Akashic field and awaken to your full potential.

During these 12 days you will practice deep introspective exercises that will allow you to go on a journey of self discovery and healing that will gently allow you to:

  • increase your strength and vitality
  • heal emotional blockages
  • increase you will power and the power to manifest
  • open your heart & connect with the divine within
  • change mental patterns that don’t serve you
  • calm the mind and be in the present moment
  • get clarity about your dharma (life purpose)



The five elements are five states of matter. The densest one is the solid state, also called “earth”, the second state is liquid, known as “water”, the third one is “fire” and the fourth is “air”. The fifth state is often not given much importance because it seems to be immaterial. However, it is the subtlest form of matter and is called “Akasha” also known as ether of space. Akasha is the origin of the other four elements, it is the essence of all possible energy, to which all the manifestations of energy in the material, psychic and spiritual worlds are due. The ancient wisdom that has been passed down through the centuries is saying that we are all connected through a web of energy and this is what we call the “Akashic Field”. The Akashic Field is contained in the energy vibrations of the universe, it is within and around us but because of the “ego separation mind” we are not able to make much use of it.

Because Akasha is the subtlest of all the 5 elements, our mind needs to become subtle in order to be able to plug in to the Akashic intelligence. For that reason, the Akashic activation can easily occur when we enter a meditative or trance like state, when our brain waves change from the Beta into the Alpha and Theta state, the point where the verbal-thinking mind transitions to the meditative-visual mind.

In order to reach this state, we will practice different exercises during the retreat and learn how to embody the different aspects of the 5 elements in order to reach the subtlest one and activate it.



  • We will start our daily program with Hatha yoga, movement exercises and pranayama in order to move our energy in the body & mind, making them more receptive and open for the practices that will follow.
  • A microdose of San Pedro* will be ingested daily in order to experience the plant spirit connection (see below for more information), exact dose which will be personally adjusted as needed. This will help you increase your creativity, physical energy, improve emotional balance and heighten your spiritual awareness.
  • You will be introduced to different meditation postures, also known as “asanas”, finding the most suitable one for you, followed by daily practices of different meditations and concentration techniques* (see below for more information) that will allow you to enter in to the meditative and trance state.
  • Every other day in the afternoon we will have a session of breathwork* that will help you break emotional blockages, expand your level of consciousness and reconnect you to a state of maximum balance (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).
  • The afternoons will also be used for body movement in a therapeutic way, understanding how to reach altered states of consciousness through it. We’ll practice healing movements, where we do not have to perform in any specific way but only surrender to whatever comes, liberating flow that gives us the wisdom that unfolds from within.
  • Dynamics of transpersonal psychology will also be practiced during the retreat, as well ceremonies and rituals according to the 4 elements and vocal expression.
  • Different lectures will be given on topics like micro and macro cosmos, individual self and supreme self, the concept of karma, elemental forces within and outside our self and how to access the Akashic field.



Meditation is a state that is easier to experience than to describe because it is beyond our vocabulary, yet it is not about the experience as it is about the “non-experience“, a state of complete surrender and being. When concentration becomes effortless meditation occurs naturally, for that reason we will practice concentration on secret objects and elements, creative visualizations, japa meditation, sound meditation, walking meditation, etc. All this will increase your mental ability and help you to enter in the transcendental state.



Breathwork is the art and science of using our conscious intention to alter our breathing for specific purposes. Ancient cultures developed breathing exercises for millennia to induce altered states of consciousness and reach higher levels of consciousness, as well as good mental and physical health. Western medicine reduced it to an important physiological function. The psychosomatic response to faster breathing, the so-called hyperventilation syndrome, is considered in western medicine as a pathological condition, rather than what it really is: a technique that has an enormous healing potential. In the last few decades, Western therapists rediscovered the healing potential of breath and developed these techniques known as breathwork.



San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi), also known as Wachuma, is a columnar cactus native to the Andes region of South America where it played an important role as a shamanic sacrament and traditional medicine. Archeological studies have found evidence of use going back two thousand years, in Mache culture.The natives and Shamans typically prepare the San Pedro by slicing and then boiling pieces of the stem for a few hours and taking the liquid that is left orally. It can also be taken in powder form that is made from drying out the cactus.

When consuming an average to high dose, the effects can last somewhere between 7 to 12 hours, creating visions, lightness within, heart opening, extraordinary, spiritual and mystical sensations that affect our regular perception and reaction. It is important to have such experience only with an experienced guide/shaman, someone who is able to hold the space for the participants of the ritual when they are going through this profound experience.



Another way of consuming this medicine is a more modern approach known since the 70’s, which gained popularity after the release of the book The psychedelic explorer’s guide by Dr. James Fadima in 2011. This method is called microdosing and, just like it sounds, it promotes to take only a small amount of the substance, around a tenth of a regular dose. The differences to the usual experience is that microdosing, produces none of the classic psychedelic visual effects nor does it lead to major mystical experiences, yet it allows to heal and balance all bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic) in an organic and subtle way. This method allows every individual a safe and subtle therapy that does not interfere with daily activities. Some benefits may include: improvement of general health, mood uplifter and antidepressant, feeling calmer, kinder and more compassion, more creative, connected and in the flow.



12 days course


EARLY BIRD (until 09 July, 2018)


US$ 620

US$ 700




Paz y Luz means Peace and Light, the beautiful center where our retreats will be located, in the refined energy of the Sacred Valley surrounded by the powerful Andes mountains. The perfect space to heal, balance, restore and transform our body, mind and soul.

You can manage your accommodation directly with Paz y Luz here.



Cusco - the former capital of the Inca Empire- carries the title of the Archeological Capital of America with pride. Cusco, literally means "navel" in the local Quechua language, and it certainly still fits this description today, as it is at the center of Andean culture. It is the gateway city to the Andes, from where you can easily visit countless sites such as the famous Machu Picchu, one of the most fascinating lost cities in the world. There is no other place in the whole continent where you can easily reach ruins of such an amazing culture which are still in a good condition. The contrast between autochthon and western, history and present, gives Cusco – the former capital of the Inca Empire its special beauty and charm, making it one of the most popular travel hubs of Latin America. Full of life, colors, typical images but also bars, museums, restaurants and cobbled stoned streets with small shops and friendly people this is a great travel destination you will most certainly enjoy!

How to get here

Cusco’s Alejandro Velasco Astete’s airport is located about 15 minutes outside the centre of Cusco. There are currently no direct international flights to Cusco with the exception of some flights from La Paz in Bolivia with, so you will most likely have to make some sort of transit stop in Lima, Peru’s capital before flying on to any of Lima’s 29 international destinations.

Airlines that operate flights from Lima to Cusco include LATAM, Star Peru, Peruvian Airlines, and Avianca. International carriers like KLM, American Airlines, LAN and others have code share agreements so you can book and fly from your home city to Cusco on the same ticket. Flights from Lima to Cusco are an hour long.

By Road:

If you are not short of time and are feeling adventurous and keen to brave the winding roads and ravines of the Andes, hire a car when you arrive in Lima and spend a few days driving through the incredible countryside of Peru to get to Cusco. Possible routes include Lima – Ica – Arequipa – Cusco.  Not for the faint of heart! The main car hire companies in Peru are Avis and Budget Car Hire.

From Cusco you can take a 1 hour collectivo minivan (5 soles) that leaves from Puputi Street, near Rosas Pata Market and then from Pisac you can walk to the right from the bridge, along the river for 12 minutes, or take a taxi (5-6 soles) or a moto taxi (3-5 soles) directly to the hotel. A taxi from Cusco can be ordered along with your reservation. The drive is 50 minutes long and the cost is 70 soles. We can also arrange taxis from other locations, contact us for prices and details.

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