Born in Chile, Jessica first began her healing journey through psychotherapy at a very early age. Years later, while studying Healing Arts at the Theatre School University of Arts, Sciences & Communication UNIACC, her life was forever changed upon her discovery of Yoga. From there, her journey continued to unfold with 4 years of study at the Contemporary Dance College University of Arts & Social Sciences , where she explored the healing power of Movement Therapies.

Life embraced me, raised me to the sky, and shook me so strongly, that I had to wake up

She achieved a degree in Cultural Management at the Catholic University of Chile, which has since allowed her to create and facilitate numerous Healing Arts projects that have greatly improved the realities of vulnerable and underprivileged communities in her home country of Chile.

In 2009 Jessica traveled to India for the first time and felt an immediate kinship with its ancient culture and yoga based traditions, and knew in her heart that she would soon be calling India home. She settled in the holy city of Varanasi, where over the next 4 year she attended the Benares Hindu University for Yoga and Performing Arts. During her time there, she devoted herself to the absorption and exploration of India’s wealth of ancient wisdom, passionately immersing herself in Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Devotion through Singing & Indian Classical Dance, as well as Buddhist Vipassana Meditation and Yogic/Ayurvedic/Buddhist Psychology.

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Life is perfectly beautiful, generous and simple. If we leave our attachments behind, our fears will also dissolve, and we will be free to embark on the magical and transformational journey of experiencing life at its fullest

Over the last few years she has facilitated numerous courses and retreats in countries across the globe, including India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, Bali, Peru, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

The focus of her retreats is the awakening of consciousness through ancient practices and healing arts. Her work assists in releasing stored trauma and bringing awareness and balance between our inner and outer worlds, between our minds and our hearts. Her aim is to guide her students towards embracing themselves fully— recognizing and loving their uniqueness— allowing for the integration of all facets of their being and the subsequent discovery of their innate sense of aliveness.

Through her own profound personal experiences with healing, she’s come to see and understand how by using these ancient modalities an individual can be transformed and awakened. This is the reason she continues to be in service.

"I am blessed for finally breathing who I am. For being in love with myself and having a heart full of gratitude for everything that brought me to this awareness of who I am."




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